eSexual Health Clinic

SEQUENCE Digital builds on previous research, where our researchers developed a new technology, the eSexual Health Clinic, which people access online.

  • SEQUENCE Digital brings in work from the UKCRC funded eSTI2 consortium and links with the NIHR-funded LUSTRUM programme (, i-Sense funded by EPSRC (, and NIHR-funded ASSIST
  • The eSexual Health Clinic experience includes chlamydia treatment, sexual health promotion, STI testing as well as managing the sexual contacts of people who have been diagnosed with chlamydia (known as contact tracing and management).
  • The eSexual Health Clinic contains a unique-to-the-NHS online automated clinical consultation and electronic prescribing algorithm for the management of people with chlamydia and their partners via the Online Chlamydia Care Pathway.
  • The eSexual Health Clinic can be “added on” to existing online STI testing services.

Pilot Study

Watch our two-minute film illustrating the eSexual Health Clinic in practice.

In a pilot study, the eSexual Health Clinic was safe and successful in treating people with chlamydia, but we need to improve it, to make it even easier to use and even more accessible to as many people as possible. 

The eSexual Health Clinic has won multiple innovation awards:


Royal Society for Public Health, Public Health Minister’s Commendation, UK


Rosalind Franklin Appathon Challenge 2 Winner: eSexual Health Clinic, UK


Cathy Harman Innovation Award, British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH), (eSexual Health)


Queen Mary University of London Engagement and Entrepreneurship Award: Proof of Concept Study winner, (eSexual Health)


British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH) Innovation Award

Through the SEQUENCE Digital research programme we will develop, trial and evaluate an eSexual Health Clinic that is:

  • Digitally secure
  • Clinically safe
  • Based on rigorous research evidence
  • Accessible to as many people as possible
Meet the research team