Dr. Caroline Ward

Lay representative

Caroline has been involved as a part of Research Voice, a patient and public advisory group for the last few years and have really enjoyed the experience of seeing how research can have real-world impacts, and hopefully helping ensure that the research has the greatest benefit for those who will be on the receiving end of the programmes. Ensuring that the general public can have involvement in research is really important to Caroline, both because it can often have a beneficial impact on the research but also because it is only fair that potential future patients have a say on what could be most beneficial for themselves. Caroline is excited to now take on a more substantive role in this new research project, advising on research direction, design, roll out, interpretation & dissemination. She has already helped with the proposal and found the discussions around issues of trial design fascinating.

Meet the rest of the team

Prof. Claudia Estcourt

Principal Investigator & Clinical Academic

Prof. Paul Flowers

Public Health Psychology Lead

Prof. Ann Blandford

Professor of Human–Computer Interaction

Dr. John Saunders

Clinical Academic & Consultant Sexual Health & HIV Medicine

Dr. Jo Gibbs

Senior Clinical Research Associate & Honorary Consultant

Dr. Vanessa Apea

Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine

Prof. Pam Sonnenberg

Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Public Health Lead

Prof. Jonathan Ross

Professor of Sexual Health and HIV Medicine

Prof. Tracy Roberts

Professor of Health Economics

Prof. Andrew Copas

Director of the Centre for Pragmatic Global Health Trials

Dr. Melvina Woode Owusu

Senior Research Fellow & Programme Manager

Dr. Andrew Winter

Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine

Dr. Karen Lloyd

Senior Research Associate (Medical Sociology)

Dr. Fiona Mapp

Senior Research Associate & Trial Manager

Dr. Jen MacDonald

Research Fellow (Health Psychology)

Roos Van Greevenbroek

Research Associate (Human-Computer Interaction)

Julie McLeod

Research Associate (Health Psychology)

Merle Symonds

Principal Health Adviser

Dr. Caroline Ward

Lay representative

Sonja Bloch

Research Assistant

Jonathan O'Sullivan

Deputy Director Public Health